I am

I am a committed human being, and a chronic enthusiast, seriously.

The default setting on my face is a welcoming, almost-confident and self-ironic smile, and that shapes the whole conversation.

I spring out of bed early in the morning, exercise (and possibly write) before my first coffee. 

I mix and match running, cross-fit, yoga and swimming. Whether you deadlift a 70 kg barbell or lie down in shavasana, it is all about namaste - honouring and bowing to the divine in oneself and the others. 

The passport says “Italian citizenship”, and that’s about the only 100% Italian thing I posses. Everything else -inside-out- comes from all the amazing places I lived in, and the people I met.

Deliberate, unapologetic and irreversible, that’s just life. 

Currently based in Prague, and  a b s o l u t e l y loving it.