I do

I help organisations unearth their communication needs and potentials, and those of their communities, (yes, I have a reasonably-large shovel). Together we map out communication strategies and campaigns that reflect business development goals and serve communities. 

From multimillion & multimedia campaigns #EUmanagestress, to grassroots campaigns and niche markets #MyGalileo, I have worked across cultures and disciplines, from health to cutting-edge technology, from seismic risk assessment to regional development. 

Despite several *clears voice* successful communication campaigns under my belt, the excitement and the commitment are stronger than ever. 

In love with the web, social media, and the next big thing, I harness new media and online opportunities to amplify outreach activities, I connect platforms to communities. In communications, commitment goes a long way, making a tremendous impact on your business and organisation, and ultimately the community you are serving. 

A chronic-yet-pragmatic enthusiast, I get things done. I wake up early, I write and exercise before my first coffee.