What are you really good at?

If I did only what I am really good at, I would spend my days wandering around the streets of Prague, sipping coffees in some cool places, mentally copy-editing all the stuff I come across, and breathing.


Instead, I wake up early.

At 7 am I am in the swimming pool because freestyle is the easiest to learn and hardest to master, and there is only one way to get better at anything: practice, practice, and practice (and yes, my catch is slowly getting better). I spend hours editing documents and looking up words and how far I can stretch them, because every word matters to me, immensely. I write campaigns and strategies hoping I can silent my ego and really focus on my user-communities, good luck with that.

I spend time learning new stuff and exploring things I never tried, without really knowing in advance whether or not their are functional to my "goals", because if you don't try you'll simply never know. I deliberately take up challenges blindfolded, when friends invite me for a race or a drawing class, first I sign up then I look up the programme, how many kilometers, the altitude, is it for beginners, will I embarrass myself? If I did it the other way round, I would find myself contemplating pros and cons  f o r e v e r .

It ends up that I spend most of my time doing stuff I am not good at, from meditating, to weightlifting, to setting career goals, and of course writing. I guess this has something to do with me loving learning. In a world that prizes nano-specialisations, it feels a bit like swimming against the stream, yet for me it feels like the only way forward, feet grounded and my arms stretched out trying to reach new horizons. 

Cristina Comunian